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NEWS FLASH: I've setup a shop via CafePress, using this link relating to the show Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends. (Number of products will increase within time) =)


There are a lot of faves down here!!!^^;


Fifty Shades of Mac by Solo-W
Fifty Shades of Mac
BANG!!! :iconfostersmacplz:

Told y'all wouldn't see this coming! :XD:  Been working on this piece for 4 hours since 2am today.  Definitely getting some shuteye after this. :sleepy:

Now don't worry, I'm pretty sure Mac would do anything too...too devious to our lovely ladies; at least Frankie seems assured. :thumbsup: 
Goo and Louise however seem eager with excitement and suspicion to know what Mac got up his sleeves. :D

Btw, you'll notice you won't find this in "certain tags"; this is purpose of parody ONLY.  8-)
Mac and Bubbles - Sugar and Taboo by Solo-W
Mac and Bubbles - Sugar and Taboo
Hence the name, I've given it a more sensual approach.  It's a taboo considering what would happen if Mac were to come in contact with any sweets.  I don't think Bubbles seems to mind at all. :heart:

This is 2nd of the 3 works I've posted.  The last one is a doozy to work with; may not come up til the next day.  All I can say is, "you won't see this coming!" :XD:
Bloo Is The Warmest Color by Solo-W
Bloo Is The Warmest Color
Right on time for Valentine's Day.  Another lovely pairing between Bloo and Berry. =)

This is 1st of the 3 works I've been working on prior to my return this month. 

Good evening everyone,

Hope y’all been keeping good health.  Many apologies on me being MIA, there had been a series of events I had to fix throughout these months; my schoolwork is one on them.  The others are mostly fixed, at least by 70%.  Plus, I had a data crash in my Windows 7 computer a while back.  The motherboard was hit pretty badly during my commute on a bus.  Good news is, I’m using a computer my father saved with the installation of my hard drive.  Bad news is this computer won’t cooperate with my hard drive, so I had no choice but to erase all the data from my old drive to configure with the new motherboard.  And yes, that includes my “music data” in case anyone knows me as DJ KANDA, so I have to remake EVERYTHING!  For those who don’t know about my music profile, here’s this link: .  Also due to this, I’m bumped down to Windows Vista, but I did manage to get most of my programs back.

Other updates:

Yes, I am still working on the fanfic Project SX; most of that was erased due to the computer incident and I had a couple of chapters prepared, so I’m kinda forced to start over again from chapter 20 and so on, enough to finish up season 2 and get to season 3 later in the future.

Also, I had a couple of requests prior to my MIA situation, which I will be re-working on as well.  Therefore, I will be closing all new requests until sometime around May or June.  Once again, I do apologize.
FHFIF 10th Anniversary 10 years after by Solo-W
FHFIF 10th Anniversary 10 years after
:clap: Happy 10th Anniversary to an awesome show, right before CN Real f&#*ed things up....(clears throat)

Fosters Home For imaginary Friends first aired on August 13, 2004 starting with House of Bloos, then continued throughout its series going into 6 seasons, with 2 movies, and couple of shorts.  Now, imagine what the main characters of the show be doing 10 years later in the future.  Imaginary friends don't age gradually, maybe except for a few facial hairs, but their creators sure do, and yet some decide to let go their friends while others keep them dearly.  Madame Foster kept Mr. Herriman for ages. =)

Characters from left to right:  Dylan Lee, Facey (World), Frankie, Red, Cheese, Terrence, Louise, Mac, Bloo, Berry, Goo, Wilt, Ed, & Coco.


Solo-W's Profile Picture
Andrew Kamakanda
United States
NEWS UPDATE: To everyone in DA, it's been a long long time since I've been around, and I do apologize for not getting back to y'all. Lot's been happening; I've been focusing more on my college work, several projects to complete, some rough edges I've been dealing with too. Despite all obstacles, I believe I'm finally back on track.

Currently in PA

Current Residence: Penn State...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: can't say
Print preference: none, sorry
Favourite genre of music: R&B, old school rap, House music
Operating System: Windows 7 FINALLY!!!!
Skin of choice: Zero's armor from Megaman X
Favourite cartoon character: everyone at Fosters, Scooby Doo, Harvey Birdman
Personal Quote: It's only a matter of time........
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Domu - Last Encounter, Unfazed, and Cold Feat
  • Reading: Transportation engineering books
  • Watching: Cowboy Bebop, FMA, and Trigun
  • Playing: chess
  • Eating: mom's home cooking
  • Drinking: Rum Barboncourt (a gift for my parents btw) hehee
Hey folks,
here's the 411 on some of my "top secret" stuff.

Some of you may have already seen or heard about my account on Youtube; KANDA8492 aka DJ Kanda!
I'm not only a Civil Engineer student, and  an artist in DA, I'm also a bit of a DJ / music producer in the genre(s) of hip hop, trip hop, RnB, soul, ambience, electronic, drum and bass, breakbeat, and experimental beats.  :tunes:

My musical influences were derived from well known producers & artists like DJ Spinna, Jazzanova, LTJ Bukem, Ethereal Universe, VoodooRhythmSound or Subliminal Influence, and...there could be more.  ^^; I've been posting a lot of stuff on Youtube since October 2010; back then, I didn't have any top-notch programs to upload my beats until Aug 11, 2011 when I finally upgraded to Windows 7, I mean, past that time, the beats were still good, and trying to sound good...I guess you'll have to see for yourselves and decide on that.

Since mid May of 2012, I've finally created an account on Bandcamp with 2 free albums (as testers), and a third album at a price of a starbucks' small coffee ( $1.50 ) [prices will vary in the future, mainly depends on how many tracks I can fit in an album].  Buy and / or listen.  (YOUR CHOICE =) )

Let me cut to the chase, I'ma need your help to spread the word of my recent projects.  For those with who have Facebook, feel free to "like" if you like  =P.  If anyone's interested for a listen, feel free to check these link(s) out.    I ain't very good, but I'm doing my best; HOWEVER, if anyone is listening, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the tracks I've made.   It can be good or bad; FEEDBACK IS CRUCIAL!!

So, to conclude this journal, please...please... pleeeease... checks these links out when you get the chance.
Thank you.  =)
Bandcamp(DJ Kanda) [This is where I'm truly in Business!!!]

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